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Schutten Solar with the perfect ending in Renewable Energy India

12th Renewable Energy India which lasts for three days in New Delhi India just came to an end. 

With its creative and colorful booth design, Schutten Solar stands out from the crowd. As always, the large components have won the favor and praise of many customers, and the crowds are constantly flowing.

Schutten Solar who is good at catching the opportunity, entered the Indian market as early as 2015. The photovoltaic projects of large and small scales have been successfully carried out in the last few years, making the roots of the Schutten Solar brand deeper and deeper.

In response to India's repeated anti-dumping tax policy on imported solar energy, Schutten Solar can benefit from Thailand's Transshipment , and the Indian PV market is already in the grip. Next, in what position, Schutten Solar will get the top spot in the Indian market, to be so stay tuned...