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Focus on Schutten-A dialogue between Figures of China Brand

Yesterday,A dialogue between Figures of China Brand which jointly launched by CCTV, and China Electronic Commerce Association, and it aims to talk with company leader who was selected from the most extraordinary brand from city which hold “Internet plus brand made in China” event, and the most important thing is that the government for each city in China only can recommend two distinguished Brand enterprise to be involved. Schutten Solar, among the most valuable brands from Anhui province, is one of them to participate in this respectable program.

Madam Tanqiao, vice president from China Electronic Commerce Association, had a face-to- face talking with Mr Fan who is a senior leader from Schutten Solar. Under the pressure of a ever-changing policy for the solar line which issued on 31,MAY,2018, Mr fan gave her a brief introduction of the company development, namely, Schutten how to make and adjust development plan appropriately, how big the market share in this field, what crucial breakthrough in D&R have been made, and why Schutten can make a contribution to this promising line and make a name for Schutten as well. Schutten keep an eye on the international foreign trade all the time and try hard to cooperate in the fierce solar panel market and how to make full use of “ONE SILK ONE ROAD”initiative.

Accompanied with Mr Shen, the VP of Schutten Solar, everyone came to our large-scale workshop and got to know every procedure.

This dialogue is a significant moment for Schutten which shoot by Mr Songtao Qu, and his team, the most thrilled thing is that a real awesome documentary of China Brand will be made and will invite leaders from all walks of life and the company which involved in this dialogue to Beijing for watching this masterpiece. Look back 2018 and look forward to 2019,the history for China Brand have been promoted nationwide by a fully creative business model. Schutten Solar, a powerful and wonderful solar panel expert, all performances will absolutely bring a unique experience to the involved company and we are pretty sure that there is “a must” for the success.