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Welcome CNBM CEO to visit our company

At 10:00 on July 20, 2018, CEO from China Building Materials Tongcheng New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. visited our company. Our company CEO Yang Bo and DGM Fan Zhilei, gave a warm hospitality and went deep into the office area and production workshop. As well as the company's self-built photovoltaic power station on-site inspection of various work, a detailed view of our staff management, safety production, product quality and workflow.

First of all, the company's senior leaders accompanied CNBM CEO to the conference room. CEO Yang Bo, spoke on behalf of the company and introduced the development history of schutten; from 2015 to 2016 invest in factories, equipment, power stations; annual output value of schutten; market positioning , layout; participation in foreign exhibitions each year and the main income of schutten. CEO Yang Bo also pointed out that the introduction of the 531 policy this year, the impact on the domestic photovoltaic industry, the advantages of the schutten can market positioning, not only not affected, but more favorable, such as the price reduction of raw materials, the capacity of some outside component factories, is conducive to Give us a contract. From the delivery schedule of the recent orders, as well as the quantity we need to purchase, and the plan for the operation of funds, CNBM CEO has a high degree of certainty and trust and has given strong support.

Then, the leaders come to the production workshop together, understand and consult the products of our company, go into the production base, the spacious and neat workshops and the advanced production equipment.Let CNBM CEO to praise, at the same time,express schutten products of affirmation and reassurance.

Finally, CNBM CEO accompanied by CEO Yang Bo to our self built power station and made a detailed understanding of the power plant and other aspects.